Love to Stay

Innumerable as beautiful places might be, the ones that stand out in the crowd are those where the beauty and significance of the place are matched by the experiences of staying, that makes you love the place even more. The establishment where one stays can significantly enhance the total experience of visiting a place. The warmth, care and thoughtfully designed amenities that are offered for the travellers’ convenience and comfort make for a totally memorable experience. These are truly the places that the discerning traveler would love to stay and remember with a smile.


Banante Resort

Banante Resort welcomes you at Jayanti. The Picturesque village stands in the back drop of Bhutan Hills, vibrates with the murmuring sound of River Jayanti and gives you the rich natural resources with amazing biodiversity. The age old Buxa Fort stands amidst the dense population of Orange trees, maintains the silence about the Hero’s of our independence who secrifies their Life in the core part of Buxa Tiger Reserve by virtue of life sentence.

Ice Land Home Stay

Iceland Homestay..Your home away from home at Phadamchen. Find the hospitality at a small Himalayan village at an altitude of 7,000 feet, Nestled amidst the mesmerizing landscape and unexplored beauties around the oldest Silk Route of this sub continent.