The mere mention of desert evokes within us the scenes of the movie Lawrence Of Arabia with it’s never ending sand dunes, the unhindered view of the unknown vastness, scorchy heat, mirage and it’s indigenous tribesmen. Whether it is the Thor of Rajasthan in India, the Sahara of Africa, the Gobi of Mongolia or the Arizona in New Mexico, it instills within us a sense of awe, excitement for travelers and explorers and a rich history. From the distant past to the new age we see how desert has always acted as a doorway for journeying to the unknown land.The journey is still continuing as it always gives a challenge to the adventurers to discover it’s mystery. From stories and movies we get to know how desert has it’s own language, how the wind, the storm threatens the very existence and how sometimes it brings unexpected discoveries of  shelter and  basic needs in midst of the vast unknown.Desert always presents a continuing challenge for both travelers and day to day life of local people because of its changing weather pattern, its changing landscape, its unknown danger hidden at every step. But again we get stopped in our tracks to see the beautiful sunrise, sunset, the beautiful clear night sky which always present a great opportunity for  photographs. Whether it is the sunrise seen in Egypt over the desert or the night sky in Rajasthan the basic characteristic always remains the same. Every year desert treks happen when young people follow the route of their predecessors with the same spirit and the same courage to journey to the unknown.

Bangalore: the Silicon Valley of India

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Bangalore: the Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore: more than just being “the Silicon Valley of India” When in Karnataka, it is impossible to miss Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site. Hampi is home to the last great Hindu empire in South India, with construction dating back to the 10th century. Further north to Hampi, Pattadakal is another complex of ancient temples, also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The spectacular Virupaksha temple dedicated to goddess Shiva will certainly evocate memories Angkor Wat for some travellers. The majestic mountains of the Western Ghats (a UNESCO natural heritage site) are a paradise for trekkers but also for the ones looking at adventure tourism. Rafting, rock climbing or aero sports take place in spectacular...

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