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Tea Break at Himalayan Foot Hills

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Tea Break at Himalayan Foot Hills

North Bengal  is not your typical tourist destination; you could call it “off the beaten track”. The Hills, the jungles and the serene beauty of undulating tea gardens spread to the horizon from the low lying agricultural fields to the High alpine Mountains of Sandakphu- it would be a good place to visit. For a good proportion of the journey you’ll find yourself ascending higher and higher into the mountains, wondering how the bus manages to pull itself up. Your ears may pop, you’ll be surrounded by trees and a feeling of “freshness”, and on your descent back down you’ll start to see real villages and bamboo huts. The  tea garden bungalows  are really  stunning – around 1500 a night for a massive room with a bath, and breakfast included. I’d recommend it, apart from one thing – if you’re going back there after dark, it’s down a bit of a dark, scary road.Getting around North Bengal tea garden is a little tricky. Your options are to rely on travel agents like us to avoid touts and harassment. Our main aim was to find some of the expat volunteers and workers and train them about eco tourism and behave with dignity to our guests. Relax, order some drinks and snacks, and  get ready to be joined by cute hilly puppies. Wander  around  Dam Dim Tea garden, Rongo, Rongu, Birpara, Hantapara,Bagracote, Marybong,Gungaram. At Dam Dim, there are lush flowering gardens to stroll, benches among the bushes, a garden swing for two, winding walking paths, a covered gazebo, and even a tree house that offers a glorious bird’s eye view of the tea fields that stretch out for miles. In and around the town there are many enchanting spots, noteworthy among them are Dam Dim Tea Estate, Gorubathan, Gorumara National Park, Bindu, Murti, Samsing and Lataguri. After a nap walking around– a café and fair-trade handicraft shop & art that supports the locals tribes. Burmese food at Bordeline café.The jungle restaurant certainly has beautiful décor – all the charm of the jungle without the danger or mosquitoes. Well-that’s the spirit of...

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