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Don’t ever forget that you play with your soul as well as your body. Be it a young child or an old person, everyone in their heart is a great sports lover. We get to see the emotion and passion of the country whenever it is the host country of any major sporting event. From Grand Slam Championship of Tennis in Wimbeldon to Olympic in Beijing, from Football World Cup in Brazil to Cricket in Eden Gardens we see the dedication, love, passion of the players and the masses. How emotional response of the winners bringing a mass hysteria among the audience in gallery and how the player who lost or the losing team bringing tears and sometimes display of emotions. In truly keeping up with the sportsman spirit, sports enthusiast from all over the world travel to the hosting countries, be it the Wimbeldon, or the Olympics, World Cups, Commonwealth games joining in the mass hysteria and passion.Its true whether it is the Cricket in Eden Gardens to football in Goa the players play with their heart and their skill but what actually matters is the cheering of the audience from gallery and from the rest of the masses. During IPL season in Kolkata it’s a common scene people gathering in front of television- whether home, or shopping malls joining in the cheering and at other times in tears. With the Olympic in Brazil we see the same emotions of the masses joining hands , from building stadium, to infrastructure bringing people of different colour, nationality, religion to a place showing unity in diversity.

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